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Minstrel and “Darrion” both won 5-star reviews through Readers’ Favorite!


Minstrel made it to the finalist round with Readers’ Favorite book awards!

Published Works:

Minstrel CoverMinstrelA Ballad of Lies, Betrayal, and Redemption

Available in print, eBook, and audiobook!

“Kings and generals make history. Minstrels sing about it afterward.”


Arriving in the royal city of Cynegil just after the good king’s death, Liam and his traveling troupe face arrest for entertaining during a time of mourning. The new king, Riordan, offers them a choice: play for the court as he demands or be punished for the crime. With little recourse, they acquiesce. While the troupe entertains within the hall, Liam witnesses the dissension between the king and his twin brother, Shamus. When Shamus enlists Liam to record the kingdom’s history from his own viewpoint, the king becomes suspicious. And when Liam becomes involved with Molly, the mysterious redheaded washerwoman, and Tristan, the royal soldier with a deadly secret and a skill for causing unfortunate accidents, his life becomes even more complicated. As the kingdom staggers beneath drought, famine, and conflict, Liam and Shamus must flee Cynegil with prices on their heads. Will they survive their journey or will they become just another ballad to be sung?


Darrion cover

“Darrion”: A Story of Tir Athair
Prequel to the upcoming novel Vassal, “Darrion” occurs about 20 years after Minstrel.

The first time Darrion struck her, Lana loaded her wagon and left Cynegil. Two-year-olds should not hit like that. She draped the windows of her cottage with dense cloth and worked by a single candle. If she timed her flight well, she could pass through the market during changing of the guard. In another era, under another king’s reign, Lana would have rejoiced that Darrion had inherited his father’s gift. Now, if Lana does not present her son to the king, she could lose her head.



(Contributor): Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower: 75 wedding-themed tales by flash fiction authors across the Interwebz, written in honour of the #DarkFairyQueen’s nuptials.

Tales range wildly in genre, which means they are bound to amuse, inspire, stir, heartwarm, and/or horrify the reader, occasionally all at once.

We invite family and friends (there are no strangers here! all are welcome) to join us in this, the world’s first (maybe) and largest (probably) flash bridal shower.

May our joy be yours!


Tales by the Tree cover

(Contributor and Co-Editor): Tales by the Tree: An Anthology of Holiday Flash Fiction

Gather Around The Tree With a Collection of 75 Tales From 40+ Authors
Welcome to Tales by the Tree, a collection of holiday stories brought to you by a group of authors whose imagination knows no bounds. No matter how you enjoy your holidays, our collection features something for everyone. Included are Traditional Tales, Family Friendly, Holiday Humor, and Noel Nightmares.
Grab a cup of cocoa and settle in for a long winter’s night with Tales by The Tree, an amazing way to discover new talented authors, many of whom are published and can be found on Amazon.

All royalties benefit the Mount Rose Elementary School library in Reno, Nevada. 

Stories are produced by a delightful myriad of authors and are edited by LE Jamez, Marissa Ames, Ruth Long, and Nick Johns, with visual magic by Blue Harvest Creative.



ames family farm

Ames Family Farm: A 4-person Family, Living in a 2-bedroom House, a Mile from Downtown Reno

Coming soon: Ames Family Farm: Homesteading above the poverty line but below the cost of living. This book will chronicle a year of gardening, canning, cooking, and crafting to fill in the gaps when the incomes of two working parents just aren’t enough.


Blogger for Backyard Poultry MagazineNews, opinions, and advice from passionate poultry bloggers across the country. Look for Marissa Ames and Ames Family Farm weekly!


Future Projects: 


(Senior Member, with the first publication within the editing process:) At The Anthology Club we work collaboratively to produce and publish anthologies of short fiction – anything from collections of flash pieces to sets of novellas, and in every genre under the sun. The whole process is centered around community – anyone can propose a project, or submit a piece to someone else’s project.


tree tales advertisement

J.A.Mes Press: J.A.Mes Press is a new imprint name and publishing company, dedicated to finding and promoting new and up-and-coming authors with a focus on anthologies.

With a goal to produce two anthologies a year, with all royalties going to literary charities, J.A.Mes Press teams up with the design team at Blue Harvest Creative to enhance author outreach and exposure. Owned and edited by authors Laura Jamez and Marissa Ames.


Novels still in the works: (Names and details are subject to change as the world of Tir Athair expands in richness and history.)

Vassal, to be released September 20, 2014

Tir Athair still battles the north, and refugees still face execution for trying to flee a corrupt monarch. As heiress of Fief Collum, Aislin knows her position is privileged and tenuous. She adheres to the king’s unfair laws so her unscrupulous liege cannot revoke her land. But when her uncle sends strangers to work on her fief, she learns too late that he’s entangled her in the plans of a secret and highly illegal brotherhood. Among the strangers is Darrion, whose own deadly secret could get Aislin tortured simply for giving him a place to live. As she struggles to conceal the Brotherhood’s activity while planning her own escape, she soon learns that Tir Athair’s injustices are greater than she acknowledged. And that some things are more important than her freedom and her land.


Huntsman, to be released 2015

The execution wagon takes a wrong turn at the market square, slowly lifting the seal from Jayce’s fate with each bump over the cobblestones. It brings him to a dark tavern, where a Saoiran dignitary offers him a second chance with indentured servitude in the northern kingdom: Hunting a breed of golden bear that interferes with the king’s efforts to expand and modernize civilization. Jayce sails north to train within the Saoiran hunting camp, where men earn their privileges by proving their loyalty through brutality. When he learns that the truth of the “golden bear” and the mad queen behind the king’s demands, he becomes prey within a primitive and foreign kingdom. His only salvation could be the very “bear” he hunted.



Several centuries after the civil war splits Tir Athair into two kingdoms, numerous treaties prohibit attacks on modest seaside villages like Edurne. Brin struggles to build his garrison and defend his father’s city, while trying to identify the reason for the attacks. Someone has betrayed him, someone who is supposed to be a brother. Facing legions with a garrison of not even a hundred men, Brin seeks the help of the foreign girl he rescued from a primitive witch-burning ritual. A girl so powerful she can kill a man with the touch of her hands.



The Edurnian War ended a year ago, and Duke Brinsen’s people have nearly rebuilt the town. Aeric escapes his brother’s manic faction and hides within the opposing kingdom’s army, but gets assigned to a post in Edurne’s garrison…the very town his uncle had attacked. When Duke Brinsen’s younger sister disappears, Aeric knows recognizes vengeance against both him and the duke. He knows the kind of depravity Lars will force upon Aillhea if he does not return to Hielgar.



Mother to a child king, Tamsyn helps rule Tir Saoirse after the death of her good husband. But mutiny occurs within her own land, rising from the icy northern islands down to the Athairan border. Tamsyn’s only sanctuary is the brother kingdom that has long been Tir Saoirse’s enemy. Now a generations-long struggle for peace becomes a struggle between monarchs within the halls of the Athairan palace. Assassins follow the child king south, determined to depose of him for usurpers. Can Tamsyn keep her child safe while averting yet another war between kingdoms?

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