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Soul of the Universe


At long last, The Anthology Club’s first publication, Soul of the Universe, is available in eBook!

Ok, let me back up a little. Just what is The Anthology Club?

Launched in 2013 by Michael Manz, The Anthology Club promotes writers’ careers by producing and publishing anthologies of short fiction from flash to novellas. Senior members of the club propose projects, inviting both senior and junior members to write. Once the project is complete, the club publishes the work and offers it within the major eBook channels.

Royalties are distributed as follows:

  • 15% for the Club, to pay for publication costs, copyediting and formatting, artwork, and publicity for the current and future projects.
  • 5% for the editor of that particular project.
  • 80% is distributed among the contributors, based on the amount of content contributed by each author.

For a few months, The Anthology Club hovered within the limbo of closed beta as the senior members worked out the bugs in the system. When ready, Mr. Manz opened the club out to all writers, with calls for submission spread across the internet.

As one of the original senior members, I have been on board throughout the entire journey. It’s been fascinating. The Publication Agreement was my first ever, and a landmark for me in my career. I’ve had my say in projects still in the works, such as the pirate-themed anthology which still has a few meager weeks left for submissions.

Soul of the Universe paves the way for these other anthologies.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato 

“Here you will find a collection of six stories by four authors that, at first glance, seem to have little in common. We have Sci Fi Adventure. We have Medieval Fantasy. We have Emotional Drama, and we have Steampunk. We even have a Western. 

“Though each of these stories seems to have little in common with its companions, every one of them shares the same genesis. They were all inspired by that same divine spark that gives the universe purpose. They were all inspired by music. 

“Each of the authors in this collection took a favorite song as their inspiration and told the story that no one else could hear. The result is an endlessly entertaining collection of well spun yarns , thrilling adventures, and emotionally engaging drama. 

We hope you’ll enjoy.”

Soul of the Universe contains works by four authors: Michael Manz himself, Michael Walker, and me. And last but not least, the already published and quite bawdy and hilarious Michael Wombat, who has also headed up and edited the project. The artwork is by Kit Cooper, a newcomer herself to the eBook world.


If you would like to check out Soul of the Universe and support The Anthology Club, you may find it at these links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

Soul of the Universe on Goodreads


And if you would like to write for The Anthology Club, you may find them online and on Facebook.

The Anthology Club homepage

The Anthology Club on Facebook

Take a moment to check them out! They might just be the writing project you’ve been looking for! And buy Soul of the Universe for some unique and truly entertaining stories.


I’ve recently become reacquainted with this author. A few weeks ago, I asked on Facebook if anyone had a friend who had self-published exclusively in E-book format, who would be willing to share his/her journey with me. My older sister linked me to Daniel Swensen, who then become a full mentor for my own journey. This man is amazing, so unselfish with his knowledge. I then realized that I had been acquainted with him ten years previously, as he regularly commented on my older sister’s blog. Even better.

Daniel has a work already e-published, a short story called Burn. You can find it on Amazon or on Barnes and Noble (through Smashwords.) Hint… it’s free on Smashwords and $1 on Amazon. Amazing read. Absolutely amazing. If you want a taste of Daniel’s writing talent, search for Burn and read it.


http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/259466<<<<<< Smashwords link for Burn (hint, hint).

Though he has written several full-length novels, Orison is his first for publication. I’m only briefly familiar with Orison. However, when I read today’s blog post on Surly Muse, I decided I WILL BE READING THIS BOOK! His blog post explains why he gender-flipped his protagonist, from a competent white man into a competent brown-skinned woman. Not a sexualized woman who needs rescue… one who can survive on her own merits without sexualization or a need for a hero.


http://surlymuse.com/why-i-gender-flipped-my-protagonist/ – <<<<<< Surly Muse, Daniel Swenson’s writing blog!

This sums up how he feels about women as protagonists…

“I didn’t like that my only female characters were basically love interests. That’s precisely the kind of thing I don’t like in the fiction I consume, so why was I writing it? I realized my fiction was pulling stunts I occasionally tended to razz other authors for: lingering on the female’s clothes, putting them in situations the male character’s wouldn’t be in, adding sexualized nuances that the male characters didn’t have.

“I’d see stuff like this in other people’s fiction and think, why don’t writers just treat the female characters with the same set of dramatic standards? Why can’t we have a female character who doesn’t have to be captured or rescued by a man, whose life doesn’t center on her romantic interest in a male? How about some damn variety?

“And then it hit me. I could stop griping and just put my money where my mouth was. If I wanted to make a female character who didn’t get marginalized for being female, why not just make my protagonist female?”

And this…

“I don’t for one instant consider Orison to be some sort of Important Feminist Work; it most emphatically is not. It’s just a good fantasy yarn, which happens to have a female protagonist who doesn’t get by on her bare midriff and her sexuality. And if that makes my novel out of the ordinary somehow, well, all I can say is, it shouldn’t. I think it should be both common and unremarkable.”

Here I’m speaking to anyone who likes to see women as more than a set of boobs, who enjoys watching a woman actually take care of business, or is a woman who actually takes care of business!  Check out Daniel’s blog!  If you like what he has to say about why women should be protagonists… because they just should… add the blog to your favorites. Read Burn. Then keep an eye out, so you know when Orison is available.  I know I will.