More of Edgar?

Just in case this got lost in the comments section, and you didn’t get a chance to see Paul Ramey’s answer to my question about whether we would be seeing more of Edgar Wilde, here it is again:

tomb 3

“Hello everyone! Just caught Marissa’s great new review of my new novel, and thought I’d swing by to take her up on her invitation to talk a bit about future Edgar Wilde plans!

“Early in the writing stages of this book I was already pretty sure that Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire was going to be the first in a series. So I was very conscious of the need to begin laying a solid groundwork of rich characters and locales that could be further explored and cultivated later on. And I certainly wanted to leave the reader wanting more from these characters, some of whom exist a bit on the periphery in this particular tale. There’s a lot of room for a number of personalities and relationships to develop further, and we’re going to see a lot of that in the next book.

“Now that the dust has settled and the marketing gears for Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire are spinning smoothly, I’m really excited to be able to start mapping out the next story, as well as create some of the next cover’s artwork (I’m a graphic designer by trade, so have really enjoyed designing my own cover art and graphics for the Edgar Wilde series). I have my next title now, and some of the core imagery and mystery are locked in. As a lot of groundwork has now been established, I’ll be interested to see if the writing process for the next book turns out to be smoother and faster than for the first. We shall see!

“Thanks again, Marissa, for featuring me and inviting me to spend a bit of time on your page! I hope everyone enjoys my little New England mystery, Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire!”

Thanks again, Paul, for getting back to us on this!  Now I’m even more excited for future adventures!

Anyone want to join in a challenge?  Step 1: Read Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire.  Step 2: Write a review on your website and Goodreads, and link to it in comments to this post.  Step 3: I’ll choose a prize.  Now I have to go think of a prize!  There will be something.

edgar wilde

Click here to visit Nine Muse Press’ site and more Edgar Wilde information.

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